i make music for you

a personalised track for you

first give me your instructions
: melodiumbox@free.fr (atmosphere, instruments, duration ...)
atmosphere : i can make, folk, pop, techno, ambient, experimental stuff but it will be 'melodium' style
instruments : can be guitars, keyboards, xylophone, strings samples...
duration : precise the length you need
what is it for : for you, for a gift (i think it's a super romantic gift to offer a piece of music), a professional use ?

i will tell you if i think i'm capable of making it

then i will compose an exclusive new track for you that never be public

i can put the track on my engraved usb stick , check it
or make a mini cdr with exclusive artwork

: one month (can be less...very rarely more)

price : negotiable, depends on length, difficulty...